The First LHC Controls Project (LHC-CP) Workshop

 will be held from 13th - 14th April 2000, in Building 40, S2-B01


13th April

Morning session,  Chair B. Frammery

09:00    Welcome     L. Evans

09:10    Overview of the Workshop    M. Vanden Eynden (15 + 5)

Presentation of the aims of this workshop

09:30    Introduction to the LHC-CP    R. Lauckner (30 + 15)

Purpose of the LHC-CP
Major Activities of the Project
Involvement of the Groups

10:15    Coffee (20')

10:40    Review of Current Activities    M. Lamont & M. Vanden Eynden (45 + 15)

Controls Activities in the Groups
Preliminary Integrated Planning

11:40    Preparation for Working Sessions     R. Lauckner (20 + 5)

Preliminary Architecture Model
Organisation of the Working Sessions


Afternoon Working Sessions

The working sessions are intended to clarify particular issues and establish the direction of the project for the coming year and beyond. These are intended to be "working" sessions and the first 2 are by invitation. The 3rd is a first attempt to collect people from accelerator divisions developing systems using PLCs, fieldbuses and SCADAs, contact the chair to register.

  1. Middleware, chair V. Baggiolini (closed)
  2. RT Controls, chair A. Burns (closed)
  3. Systems from Industrial Components, chair E. Carlier (25 places)

In addition there will be an open session from 14:00 in 40-S2-B01 to address more general issues chaired by S. Myers.

14th April

Morning session,  Chair R. Bailey

09:00    Reports from Working Session Chairs    (60 + 15)
10:15    Coffee
10:45    Summary of Issues from Plenary Sessions    M. Lamont, M. Vanden Eynden
11:30    Conclusions    R. Lauckner


Concerned Groups: Groups Leaders, Linkmen and other contributers
SL-CO, LHC-IAS: Section Leaders
Linkmen to related projects: SLI, LTI, EA Upgrade, String 2, CNGS, SPS2001
L. Evans, J-P Delahaye, P. Lebrun, S. Myers, A. Scaramelli

Workshop Secretary:

N. Boimond Lopez