LHC-CP Meetings

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Date of Meeting

Agenda Topics

6 May, 2003 Signals Project - Goals and Milestones for Phase I, LHC Test Benches, AB/CO/IN support for  Test Benches
18th February, 2003 GPRS Tests, Reports from Signals Working Group
28th January, 2003 QRL Review, QRL Controls/Communications Issues, AB-CO Responsibilities, QRL Controls Coordination/Scheduling and Issues
3rd December, 2002 Introduction to the IT-CS Group, Accelerator Network Upgrade Project, LHC Network Configuration, Real Time, Status Report on the Test Bench in SM18
19th November, 2002 LTI Project Status and Major Milestones, LTI Controls in AB-CO, LTI Controls Technical Coordination
22nd October, 2002 Accelerator Timing Strategy
8th October, 2002 Control Room Software for TT40 and TI8
16th, July 2002 Experience from RF Test Stands, QRL Planning Baseline
2nd, July 2002 FGC Gateways, QPS Controls Requirements, Controls for Machine Interlocks
18th, June 2002 Time Stamping
4th June, 2002 Cost to Completion Budgets LHC-IAS & SL-CO,  Communications Infrastructure, TI 8 Planning
14th May, 2002 QRL Controls : Technical Services, LHC Alarm System
5th March, 2002 Central Control Support, Control Cables Requests, Status of Post-Mortem Work
18th December, 2001 Functional Spec. for LHC Front Ends, Requirements for Analog Signals
4th December, 2001 Status of Real Time Controls, Data required for LHC Operation
20th November, 2001 Back Ends for LHC, Radiation Monitoring System for Environment and Surveys, Project Middleware
23rd October, 2001 Timing Functional Specification,  QRL Planning
9th October, 2001 Components Work, Machine Protection and Control, Post Mortem system
11th September, 2001 Alarm System Preliminary Requirements, Installation Databases
17th July, 2001 Role of TCR, Front End Architectures
28th June, 2001 Planning for the QRL Controls, Database Forum, Role of the TCR
29th May, 2001 Slow Timing and Time Stamping for the LHC, Post Mortem, Planning for the QRL Controls
24th April, 2001 Components Sub-Project Report, Review of the Alarm Sub-Project Mandate, Demonstration of the SPS 2001 Vertical Size
13th March, 2001 Feedback EDMS tree, LAWG sub-project progress report, tentative planning for QRL reception tests
20th February, 2001 Controls during sector test, LHC alarms sub-project status report
6th February, 2001 The PS/SPS NAOS system, What data is required to understand failures during LHC operation, EDMS tree for project management
19th December, 2000 Controls news, Middleware, Control activities of LHC/ICP
5th December, 2000 Controls news, Function generation in LEP, TCR Data Server (TDS) naming convention, Cryo naming convention, LHC naming convention
7th November, 2000 Controls news, Industrial components : review and proposal, SL/PO : function generators
10th October, 2000 Activities of EST/ISS, Planning questionnaire, SP/OP function generators
26th September,2000 Mandate for LHC Analysis WG, Database Activities
12th September,2000 Mandate for LHC Alarm Services, Activities of SL/CO
20th June, 2000 Purpose of LHC-CP meetings. control of vacuum, future Front End Systems
7th June, 2000 Mandate of LHC-CP, Review of Goals for 2000, Topics for Future Meetings

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